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UAE to restore Qatar trade and travel links

THE United Arab Emirates could re-open trade and travel links with Qatar within a week under a deal that ended a bitter dispute between the Gulf states.

However, Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said some issues would take a longer time to fix. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt imposed an embargo against Qatar in 2017.

They accused Qatar of supporting terrorism, which it denied. The neighbors agreed to restore full diplomatic ties at a summit on Tuesday.

A joint declaration brokered by Kuwait and the United States pledged to “restore collaboration” among the six members of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), but it did not give any timelines.

Gargash stressed that the UAE was “behind this deal, and positive about the prospect of re-establishing relations with Qatar”.

“The return of movement of people and trade between the two countries will be within a week of the signing,” he said.

But he added, “We have a very good start... but we have issues with rebuilding trust.” Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, meanwhile said that it had agreed to suspend legal cases against its neighbors related to the embargo, and that it would co-operate on counter-terrorism and “transnational security”.

But Qatar would not alter its close relations with Iran and Turkey, Al Thani said.

“Bilateral relationships are mainly driven by a sovereign decision of a country and the national interest,” he said. “So there is no effect on our relationship with any other country”.