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More business registrants since pandemic

MORE than 500,000 new business names registered from March 2020 to January 2021 with retail via internet or online selling leading at 87,223 and retail selling in sari-sari stores at 68,241.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) NCR Regional Director Marcelina Alcantara said this shows Filipino resilience after the COVID-19 pandemic led hundreds of thousands of Filipinos being displaced from jobs.

Alcantara said 35,908 of the 500,000 were mobile food delivery services while 19,156 were businesses that had to do with apparel retail, and 19,534 were retail sale of food products.

Bounce Back PH Founder Jason Dela Rosa, an entrepreneur for more than 2 decades, decided to start a group that would train new business owners.

From starting with a few hundred members sometime in March, their members are now close to a million with groups forming in different regions in the country.

They conduct trainings, webinars from experts of the business to inspire and help give ideas to new business owners. “I wanted Bounce Back PH to be as a sign of hope for all Filipinos.

All experts from all industries I put them together to help the SMEs (small and medium enterprises),” Dela Rosa said.

He said SMEs are important since 90 percent or more of the country’s economy is based on SMEs, and for the country to bounce back, SMEs also have to do the same.