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Bohol Capitol allots P100K for each barangay

THE Bohol Provincial Government headed by Governor Arthur Yap has allocated P100,000 to each of the 1,109 barangays as initial fund for water system.

Yap told Cebu Business Week that water is a big problem in Bohol so that it has become a way of life to walk many distances for many hours to fetch water and has become a way of life since time immemorial.

“My decision as Bohol governor is to solve it. We should uplift the living condition of our least fortunate brothers. In the society, they need water, and water is life,” Yap said.

Yap said that they are not selective. Every barangay in Bohol must be given P100,000 for water system. They should use it for water system like water pipe, water jetmatic pump, and reservoir.

“We should start from P100,000. If after the implementation there’s a need to add more funds in the coming years, we will do it,” Yap said.

He noted that most of the poorest towns in Bohol are located in the 2nd District. Let us give water to the poorest among the poor people in Bohol who are mostly living in the 2nd District.

He said that based on records of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), of the top 15 poorest municipalities in Bohol, 13 belong to 2nd District.

“That is why I am giving more time to serve the second district. I started it during the last quarter of 2020. I urge all the barangay captains in the second district to avail the initial P100,000 water project. Once the initial funds will be implemented and they need additional funds, we are ready to add.

Yap said that with water, you protect the basic health care system of the barangays especially that we are in the middle of a pandemic. We need fresh drinking water to help in improving the health situation of our people.

“If we have water, we can easily develop the agricultural farms. If we have agriculture, we will have abundant food. So, the issue of water is a local water development issue. And I always say that no matter what will happen to Bohol in the future, especially that we have achieved our goal to become the top tourism destination in the country, we will remain an agricultural province,” Yap said. ELIAS O. BAQUERO