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Blogger leaks alleged Aris’ mansion in Dauis

DAUIS, BOHOL - A controversial Facebook blogger has accidentally leaked an alleged mansion of Rep. Aris Aumentado of Bohol 2nd Congressional District.

Makati-based tennis player Willy Ramasola, now facing a cyber libel case filed by the Holy Name University (HNU), insinuated on Facebook last Feb. 3, 2021 about a mansion allegedly owned by Aumentado and his wife Vanessa in Dauis within Bohol 1st District.

Aumentado is Bohol 2nd District congressman whose last term (9th year) will end in 2022 but has been rumored to run for Bohol governor.

In a surprising Facebook post by Ramasola, the blogger wrote in a question-and-answer fashion in which he answered his own question.

“They say it is actually Congressman Aris Aumentado, and not Art Yap, who owns a mansion. And this is in Dauis... Is this true”? Ramasola asked.

Ramasola answered “Yes” and “No”.

“I talked to Congressman Aris and his wife Vanessa about it and they didn’t deny that they are building a house in Dauis,” revealed Ramasola on Facebook.

Aumentado’s wife has been openly declaring her bid for a seat in Congress in next year’s elections.

The blogger continued, “I am not sure if it is big enough for you to call it a mansion. Let’s just say it’s just a house.”

Ramasola’s post shocked netizens. Nowhere in his years of attacks against Governor Arthur C. Yap’s administration had he mentioned a Dauis mansion allegedly owned by the Aumentado couple.

For the first time, and out of nowhere, since he accused Yap of an alleged mansion in Baclayon town, Ramasola dropped a bombshell and dragged a mansion in Dauis allegedly owned by Congressman Aumentado into his Facebook rumblings.

Yap, a lawyer by profession, had denied any ownership of a mansion as alleged by Ramasola on his social media posts.

The former Cabinet secretary and congressman in the Third District of Bohol dared the blogger to come up with evidence and documents, saying the malicious imputation of a vice or crime in Ramasola’s posts is libelous.

The incumbent governor, in a radio interview, said he is not surprised with the consistent proliferation of lies and fake news leveled against him since election season is just around the corner.

Yap said the Boholanos have not forgotten how former Governor Rene Relampagos, now Bohol’s vice governor, was demolished and destroyed by relentless newspaper and radio propaganda over a mansion, allegedly, also in Baclayon, an issue that was blamed on the latter’s ultimate defeat against then former Rep. Erico B. Aumentado, Aris’ father, in the May 2001 gubernatorial elections. PR