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Capitol to repair farm-to-market roads: Yap

THE Bohol Provincial Government will soon repair farm-to-market roads to uplift the living condition of the farmers since agriculture is still the backbone of the economy of the province.

Bohol Governor Arthur Yap said they have started a public bidding for additional road-building equipment.

“Once we already have road-building equipment, I will issue an executive order giving 100 to 200 cubic meters of quarry stones locally known as “anapog” per barangay to resurface their farm-to-market roads. We will give gratuitous permit to stakeholders,” Yap said.

He said that there will be minerals and other needed materials to be given to all barangays. Even if the provincial government cannot yet concrete their roads, at least it can resurface it.

“We believe that with our priority projects which are water and roads, we can sustain the program year by year. I believe that we can uplift the living condition of the people especially in the poorest municipalities in the 2nd district with water and roads,” Yap said.

He said that the ten municipalities in the 2nd District of Bohol should be helped by providing potable water and better roads because if these places will remain poor, the entire Province of Bohol will be affected. The first and 3rd Districts which are already progressive will be pulled down. “ So, we have to help the people in the second district,” Yap said. ELIAS O. BAQUERO