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Yap leadership prevents spread of Covid-19

BOHOL Governor Arthur Yap said that his leadership was able to prevent the spread of Covid-19 cases. Out of 1.5 million Boholano residents, only over 800 got Covid-19 as of December 2020.

This soon dropped to 58 cases and then below 20 cases. Yap said that unfortunately, 111 Covid-19 new cases last Feb. 9, 2021, including 87 transmission cases and 24 active cases from Locally-Stranded Individuals (LSI), Authorized Person Outside Residents (APOR), and returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Of the 111, Dauis town has 43 active cases and 68 cases in the Municipality of Ubay. Some of them are placed at municipal isolation facilities and some are in their respective residential houses, locked down by concerned Local Government Units (LGU).

Yap said authorities from Department of Health (DOH), Bohol Provincial Health Office and regional unit continue with contact tracing to look for new cases, a big possibility that Covid-19 cases will increase.

If some persons will be found positive with Covid-19, they will be isolated. With contact tracing, the number of persons who will be found positive will increase.

“With aggressive contact tracing, we will know the people who are positive of Covid-19. We will contain the situation because these persons will heal after 14 days quarantine and their health will be back,” Yap said.

“At all times, the strategy is immediate action: isolate, quarantine, monitor, and provide nourishment. Engage the services of frontliners. Stop the spread of Covid-19,” Yap added.

Yap said that statistics in the world and in the country show 88 to 90 percent recovery, sometimes reaching 92 percent. The fatality rate is less than two percent especially in Bohol. Some people have existing illnesses and complications, and are very weak, like senior citizens with morbidity. They can just stay away, and everyone should be vigilant. Follow health protocol by wearing face mask, avoid crowded places and observe cleanliness.

The spread of Covid-19 in Ubay, Bohol was caused by a birthday party.

He said that national agencies cannot just call a meeting to discuss projects. They should coordinate with the provincial government which will send medical frontliners to supervise them. “If we have assistance to the people, we should distribute it carefully and minimal distribution with LGUs.” ELIAS O. BAQUERO