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Scotland’s economy to reopen

THE reopening of Scotland’s economy - including shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, and hairdressers is expected to start from April 26.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she “desperately wanted” to give a date for the overall end of lockdown, as the prime minister has done for June 21 but said she did not want to give people “false clarity.”

Businesses have called for more clarity on the easing of Covid lockdown restrictions.

The Scottish government said non-essential retail and hospitality services such as gyms and hairdressers would not reopen before April. 26

From then, Scotland will return to using a levels system of restrictions, where the level in each area is determined by prevalence of the virus.

“Our approach here is not an outlier and in terms of reopening the economy, we are roughly two weeks behind England.”

She said it was hoped that the country’s stay at home restrictions could be lifted on April 5.