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Not a wet market at CPG Park, says architect

THE farmers’ market at CPG Park is not a wet market like that in Cogon and Dao, both in Tagbilaran City, said Architect Ninio Guidaben.

Guidaben said that while it is like an agri-fishery terminal, it is just a display center, a showcase of the products of the farm and sea that the people can buy.

He said that it is commonly called farmers’ market because it is natural to sell the agricultural and sea products.

Guidaben said that because the display center at the end of the CPG Park, the people who are visiting the place for relaxation may buy the products.

The CPG Park has a covered path walk connecting to the farmers’ market unlike the first display area across Bohol Wisdom School where the sellers and the consumers will become wet when it rains.

Guidaben added that if the Bohol province will survive this pandemic, anyone can avail of souvenir items, artworks and handicraft, among others especially during festivals.

A comfort room has been installed to make the farmers’ market conducive to human activities. The display structure is not fully concreted but made of steel, thus making for allowance should there be changes in the future.

The farmers’ market is like a food pavilion where sellers can display vegetables, eggs, crops, meat and fish but these are wrapped and sealed and packed in Styrofoam boxes.

The people who will go to CPG Park will have the opportunity to buy clean, neatly packed products not usually found in wet markets.

“We are giving it another life, another chance to be appreciated. I don’t think there is something nga murag maka-desecrate to CPG. It is, in fact, going to be an added amenity to the park,” Guidaben said.

“It’s not really building another structure in contrast to the sculpture of CPG. There is nothing wrong with this because ang design is like a covered canopy so that it doesn’t even entail any destructive look to the park,” Guidaben said. PR/ ELIAS O. BAQUERO