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Garcia awaits proposal for P100M vs. Covid-19

CEBU City Councilor Raymond Alvin Garcia is now waiting for the Local Finance Committee to submit its proposal for another P100 million supplemental budget in the City Council to sustain the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am expecting that the Local Finance Committee will submit that proposal to the City Council for deliberation and approval,” Garcia said.

On record, the City Council has allocated P400 million to purchase vaccine against Covid-19 which was made part of the P10.8 billion annual budget 2021.

Garcia said that if the P100 million proposed supplemental budget will be approved, the total amount to purchase vaccine against Covid-19 is P500 million.

Garcia is the son of former Cebu City Mayor Alvin Garcia, and grandson of the late Atty. Jesus P. Garcia, the delegate to the 1972 Constitutional Convention.

Aside from Supplemental Budget No. 1 that will outline that needs to be purchased for our Covid-19 response such as additional P100 million for vaccine, Garcia said there is a need to buy machines to convert hospital wastes like syringes and needles into something like cotton when grounded by it.

“The machines will make the hospital wastes for final disposition. We will include all the logistics for vaccine roll-out. We will be purchasing a lot of vehicles, we will hire a lot of manpower plus their allowances so we can hit our target of vaccinating about half a million Cebu City residents,” Garcia said.

With the target of 500,000 people to be vaccinated, we can imagine what logistics nightmare Cebu City Government will have.

“If needed, we will be purchasing cold storage materials like refrigerators to preserve the vaccines. We will be buying vehicles for transportation to carry logistics to the designated vaccination sites. To transport all people and the vaccines, we need all the vehicles we can possibly get,” Garcia said.

“We are now preparing everything needed for the vaccination. This also includes food because we do not want that the vaccinators and other frontliners will go hungry. They must have food and water,” Garcia said

So, Garcia said he hopes that the P100 million supplemental budget will cover all the logistics requirements of the City of Cebu during vaccination. ELIAS O. BAQUERO