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P30M set aside for water projects: Zafra

CEBU City Councilor Philiip Savior Zafra said the Cebu City Council has passed a supplemental budget of about P30 million to construct mini lagoons and water catchment areas in mountain barangays.

Zafra noticed that during rainy days, the rainwater from the upper areas of the mountain barangays down to the urban barangays will just flow freely to the sea.

Thus, the people in the mountain barangays have to walk for several kilometers to fetch water for their daily home consumption and to water their plants.

“The water catchments that we will build using that initial P30 million can hold rainwater and prevent it from immediately flowing to the sea. If there is a big volume of water in catchment or mini dam, it will surely seep underground and replenish the aquifer,” Zafra said.

Once realized, the people can now have water near their residences, and they can produce more vegetables and crops for their consumption and livelihood.

Aside from rainwater, Zafra said there are several water sources in the mountain barangays that can be tapped and can be distributed to houses through pipes.

“It’s a matter of developing water sources. By doing so, we can provide water directly to their homes, we can hold water by volumes for the people’s farms, and we can also prevent flash floods in the urban barangays,” Zafra said.

Zafra added that the target to start the construction of the small lagoons or mini dams is by the second quarter of 2021. ELIAS O. BAQUERO