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Guidelines issued for limited face-to-face classes for HEIs’ medical programs

THE Commission on Higher Education in Central Visayas (CHED-7) has issued the guidelines for the gradual reopening of campuses for limited face-to-face classes among higher education institutions (HEIs) offering medical programs.

CHED-7 Director Maximo Aljibe said during the Regional Development Council in Central Visayas (RDC-7) first-quarter session, that HEIs offering medical programs would want to reopen face-to-face classes, especially for their clerkship or internship.

“DOH (Department of Health) and CHED have issued guidelines on the gradual reopening of campuses for those HEIs that have medical or medicine allied programs for limited face-to-face. Our HEIs must be willing to assume the responsibilities based on their capability to comply with health and safety protocols,” Aljibe said.

He added that the guidelines, as of now, would cover the programs Doctorate for Medicine, and Bachelor for Medical Technology, Midwifery, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Public Health.

At least 42 medical programs are being offered in Cebu, nine in Bohol, 12 in Negros Oriental, and one in Siquijor. The HEIs offering such may be willing to open limited face-to-face classes.

As of now, only the University of Cebu, Southwestern University, and Velez College submitted their application for face-to-face classes centered mostly on clerkship in the hospitals.

“We need to coordinate with the LGU concerned and the IATF, most especially the DOH. And of course, we need to strictly abide with the standards implemented by the DOH,” said Aljibe.

In the guidelines, the applicant HEI must submit their face-to-face plan to the CHED-7 for review and approval.

Aljibe further said that the role of the LGUs would be to advise the HEI on their conduct of the classes, conduct on-site inspections, designate the health protocol officers of the HEI to join an Adhoc body with CHED-7 that will serve as an investigatory body for complaints, and assist the HEI on managing crowd traffic control when needed.