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Espina urges vaccination vs. Covid-19

A RESERVED general of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) urged the people to be vaccinated against Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) so the economy will be reopened completely.

Erik Espina, a former Cebu City councilor and a media man, said that vaccine is one way to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and the people are safe if they are vaccinated.

“We are going to public awareness or storm rollout program of the vaccine against Covid. We are preparing for the arrival of the vaccines,” Espina said.

He said that there are two kinds of vaccines. One is from the national government. The order that must be followed will come from Manila and based on the Department of Health (DOH) standard and priorities.

The Cebu City Government has rolled out an appropriation of P400 million, and eventually there will be another P100 million or a total of P500 million.

“We will review the priorities and then we can also include other individuals to be given priorities in Cebu City. The present vaccination activities are from the National Government. The order of Cebu City to purchase vaccines will take six to eight months to arrive,” Espina said.

In the meantime, Espina said, the people must keep themselves safe and should follow the health protocol to avoid being contracted with Covid because that six to eight months is too long and there are six variants in the country.

He said the scientists are now studying whether the existing vaccines are still effective with the new variants.

“These are the realities way down the road. If we purchase vaccines and give them to the people, within six to eight months, that are already way down to the campaign period going towards the May 2022 election,” Espina said.

He added by asking if the election is so important by risking the lives of our families? This is a serious question, and this is a serious time. ELIAS O. BAQUERO