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Cebu City welcomes Spanish navy ship

MAYOR Edgardo C. Labella marked a historic weekend by welcoming to Cebu City the captain and crew of the Spanish Royal Navy training ship Juan Sebastian Elcano led by Captain Santiago de Colsa. The ship is retracing the route taken by the Spanish armada led by world navigator Ferdinand Magellan 500 years ago when they found their way to Cebu.

In his Facebook Page post, Labella said the 500th year celebration of the arrival in Cebu of Magellan should stir in us a pride in our heritage, respect for our history, and love for our people.

“These 500 years saw blood and sacrifice. It also saw courage and heroism,” Labella said in his post.

“These coming months will give us a reminder to look back in honor across centuries of our people’s struggle. It is also prompts us to look ahead to our place in the world. Despite our past, and largely because of it, we have strong bilateral relations with Spain. I welcomed embassy officials at City Hall on Friday to talk about this goodwill visit,” Labella said.

Labella said this event is just a start of months of commemoration about that historic milestone 500 years ago.

Labella added that Cebu City is excited to be part of the Quincentennial Commemorations and they look forward for all the other activities that have been lined up in the comings week and months.

“I ask everyone to take the time to join events organized by the church and government agencies. Most of these are online and can be watched safely from home. Our Cultural and Historical Affairs Office, for example, has organized very informative online discussions and talks. Let us take this opportunity to honor and preserve our past by making sure the future of our city, our children, remember our history,” Labella said. ELIAS O. BAQUERO