The Birth of Cebu Business Week

It all started in one of the regular 888 News Forum held every Tuesday of the week at Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, Cebu City.

Atty. Virgilio Espeleta, the then President of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) was discussing the chamber’s activities for the Cebu Business Month. As he divulged the chamber’s thrust of reaching out to businesses and urging them to help small and micro enterprises gain access to financial resources, the invisible bulb of wisdom suddenly flickered in the brain of Elias O. Baquero, the Over-all Coordinator of 888 News Forum.

Baquero instinctively thought of producing a weekly newspaper that will become a bridge for the people to cross to get to the source of business ideas and opportunities, possible government, private and non-government institution linkages. 

He then gathered his colleagues and broached the idea to them. Thus, the birth of Cebu Business Week.


To bring about positive news. To carry news stories and articles that would spur the reader’s interest in business and entrepreneurship .To keep the readers abreast of new developments that can give them hope, inspiration and encouragement


To be the leading and most trusted local business newspaper in Cebu—both in print and digital forms.