What does it mean to be 167% of poverty level?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:It means that you are above the poverty level by 67%. Good state to be in. Although what exactly that amounts to depends on where you live. When you follow the government link, there are only 2 examples given -- one for Alaska and 1 for Hawaii. It is easier to understand what 100% of the poverty level means and then figure out what 200% means. That way you can estimate 167%.Suppose in your state you and your significant other live in the same household. The chart shows the base line is 17000 dollars. Below that and you are even poorer than at the poverty level.So 100% is 17000 200% would be 2*17000 = 34000 dollars.167% is somewhere between these two numbers.The simple way to do this is to use the fractional amount167%/100 = 1.67The number you have to work with is 1.67 * 17000 = 28390.The reason this is important is because the state you live in may offer you assistance up to and including 167% of the base poverty level, in this case 28390