What is 13/38 Divided by 21?

Accepted Solution

What is 13/38 Divided by 21?MethodsBreaking down the problem:First, let’s break down each piece of the problem. We have the fraction, 13/38, which is also the dividend, and the whole number, or the divisor, which is 21:Numerator of the dividend: 13Denominator of the dividend: 38Whole number and divisor: 21So what is 13/38 Divided by 21? Let’s work through the problem, and find the answer in both fraction and decimal forms.What is 13/38 Divided by 21, Step-by-stepFirst let’s set up the problem:1338÷21\frac{13}{38} ÷ 213813​÷21Step 1:Take the whole number, 21, and multiply it by the denominator of the fraction, 38:38 x 21 = 798Step 2:The result of this multiplication will now become the denominator of the answer. The answer to the problem in fraction form can now be seen:38⋅2113=79813\frac{ 38 \cdot 21 }{13} = \frac{798}{13}1338⋅21​=13798​To display the answer to 13/38 Divided by 21 in decimal form, you can divide the numerator, 798, by the denominator, 13. The answer can be rounded to the nearest three decimal points, if needed:79813=79813=61.38\frac{798}{13} = \frac{798}{13}= 61.3813798​=13798​=61.38So, in decimal form, 13 divided by 38/21 = 61.38And in its simplest fractional form, 13 divided by 38/21 is 798/13Practice Other Division Problems Like This OneIf this problem was a little difficult or you want to practice your skills on another one, give it a go on any one of these too!What is 3/16 divided by 17/19?What is 16 divided by 20/4?What divided by 50 equals 6?42 divided by what equals 91?What is 9/11 divided by 20?