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SSS members urged to register

THE Social Security System (SSS) has urged all members to register with the SSS Website so we can transact business for benefits and others without physically going to the agency.

Keith Michael Sacay said that all SSS members shall go to Once a member will get inside the website, click the “member log-in” and look for the “not yet registered” in “my. dotsss.” Then follow all the processes to register their accounts.

Once registered, the SSS members can see on their accounts their total contribution, loan balance, employment history, and who are the employers reporting them as employees.

“In the event that your employer did not report you as an employee in your employment history, you can file a complaint only you were not reported to SSS. For sure, if your employer did not report you to SSS, there was no contribution,” Sacay said.

He said that’s why it’s important for SSS members to register with my.dotsss.

Sacay said that using m.dotsss, a member of SSS can apply salary loan, calamity loan, unemployment benefit, or request for copy of records like A1 when you register with SSS. You can click to the SSS records, and SSS will send your A1 copy through your email. We can only request a copy or our records once.

He said that if you have paid all your loans and on the SSS records you still have a balance, at least you can reconcile it without going personally to SSS.

If all the SSS members can do that, they will have more savings in time, money and effort. ELIAS O. BAQUERO