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Presidential appointees of Bohol in 1946

On April 23, 1946, Incumbent Senator, Manuel Acuna Roxas ran for the President and defeated the incumbent, the only Cebuano so far to become President, Don Sergio Suico Osmena Sr. The then new chief executive replaced the appointees of Osmena with his own. For the Province of Bohol these were the new appointees:

Honorio Grupo, appointed Mayor of Tagbilaran, Bohol, June 24, 1946.
Jose Javier, appointed Mayor of Baclayon, Bohol, June 24, 1946.
Geronimo Lituanias, appointed Mayor of Loon, Bohol, June 24, 1946.
 Luis Gementiza, appointed Mayor of Antiquera, Bohol, June 24, 1946.
 Felicisimo Echavez, appointed Mayor of Maribojoc, Bohol, June 24, 1946.
Pedro Dumadag, appointed Mayor of Calape, Bohol, June 24, 1946.
Procopio Trabajo, appointed Mayor, and Emiliano Pajo, Vice Mayor of Carmen, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Gabriel L. de Casa, appointed Mayor, and Eutiquio Bog-ao, Vice Mayor of Batuan, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Aniano Bagoldol, appointed Mayor, and Celerino Decasa, Vice Mayor of Bilar, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Arcadio Caborte, appointed Mayor, and Getulio Clarin, Vice Mayor of Sevilla, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Pablo O. Bastes, appointed Mayor, and Benigno Incon, Vice Mayor of Loboc, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Ismael Conlara, appointed Mayor of Lila, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Francisco Maglante, appointed Mayor, and Simeon Balatora, Vice Mayor of Dimiao, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Sixto Balanos, appointed Mayor, and Isidoro Inting, Vice Mayor of Loay, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Placido Hortiaza, appointed Mayor, and Adriano Ignoria, Vice Mayor of Alburquerque, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Fidel Elloremo, appointed Mayor, and Feliciano Badaili, Vice Mayor of Sikatuna, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Simplicio Maniwang, appointed Mayor, and Lucas Isiang, Vice Mayor of Balilinan, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Inocencio Paraguya, appointed Mayor, and Mariano Chagas, Vice Mayor of Tubigon, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Victoriano Baquita, appointed Mayor, and Margarita Roñamte, Vice Mayor of Clarin, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Bonifacio Banacea, appointed Mayor, and Ambrosio R. Libres, Vice Mayor of Mabini, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Agripino Pohoy, appointed Mayor, and Catalino Gelocia, Vice Mayor of Jetafe, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Hermogenes Olaso, appointed Mayor, and Tito Piezas, Vice Mayor of Guindulman, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Ruperto Gaviala, appointed Mayor, and Julian Zamonte, Vice Mayor of Ubay, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Aquilino Deligero, appointed Mayor of Anda, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Eulalio Ucang, appointed Mayor of Valencia, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Cruz Galacio, appointed Mayor of Garcia-Hernandez, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Antonio Galope, appointed Mayor of Jagna, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Pedro Cagasan, appointed Mayor of Duero, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Graciano Bertumen, appointed Mayor, and Genaro Raya, Vice Mayor of Candijay, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
 Silverio Salarda, appointed Mayor of Sierra-Bullones, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Eulalio Revilles, appointed Mayor, and Marcelino Rosales, Vice Mayor of Talibon, Bohol, June 22, 1946.
Serafin Anzano, appointed Vice Mayor of Inabanga, Bohol, June 10, 1946.
 Vidal Hangad, appointed Mayor, and Aniceto P. Banog, Vice Mayor of Cortes, Bohol, August 3, 1946.
Placido Barajan, Ramos Echaves, Filemon Ocay, Luciano Lapay, Santiago Fayot and Rufo Solijon, appointed Councilors of Corte, August 3, 1946. Tiburco Arenas, appointed Mayor, and Isaac Ello, Vice Mayor of Corella, Bohol, August 3, 1946.
Vicente Daray, Macario Daquipa, Mariano Daquio, Fortunato Malanog, Marcelo Cuajao and Isidoro Grado, appointed Councilors of Corella, Bohol, August 3, 1946