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Blessing in disguise?

Senate President Vicente Sotto III must have thought he was at the set of Eat Bulaga. But it was a bad joke. Please do not treat the delay in ordering vaccines as a blessing.

The delay means more Filipinos might get infected and later die. He said the late rollout of vaccination in the Philippines may be blessing in disguise. We get to learn from nations that are ahead.

“It was like God purposely wanted the scalawags in our country to commit those mistakes and cause delays. But this is also how our country is learning for the benefit of our people,” Sotto said.

The Senate president did not just try to justify the delay. Invoking God as the reason for going easy on the so-called scalawags?

The Senate has begun looking into what could be anomalies in procuring vaccines. Each day delayed because of incompetence means more Filipinos will get infected and possibly die.

The longer the delay the happier will be the suppliers of smuggled vaccines in the black market. There are talks of Chinese nationals in Pogos had already been vaccinated. Perhaps, rich Filipinos have already lined up for their black-market supply.

Has the Senate forgotten about the smuggled vaccines used by the Presidential Security Group (PSG)? The questionable insistence on Sinovac by the administration should also be looked at closer.

These issues should not be a subject for lame jokes that justify the delay, Mr. Senate President. Perhaps, you should also refrain from using the name of God in vain.

The delay is not blessing in disguise for the Filipino people. Perhaps there are people who received blessing illegally.