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Red-tagging UP stupid

Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana must have thought unilaterally abrogating the UP-DND accord a stroke of genius. Obviously, this move supposedly advances the administration’s red-tagging efforts. It has become a major message of the socalled DDS. Yet, I beg to disagree with them. Let me show how stupid this move turned out to be.


Sec. Lorenzana and the rest of the red-tag cabal justified the move as stopping recruitment activities of NPA rebels inside UP campuses especially the one in Diliman. The secretary should have waited after the Covid-19 crisis. Or when face-toface classes have resumed. Today, the UP faculty and their students sit behind their laptops, PCs, tablets, or cell phones at the comforts of their homes. Will a rebel recruiter roam around a deserted campus? I think they are not stupid. But those who insist on entering the deserted campus to catch the Reds are.

Faulty intel

Aside from the obvious mistake of alleged rebel recruitment inside the campus at a time of online classes, his proof of recruitment includes glaring mistakes. Despite the huge intel funds, he listed supposed UP graduates killed in encounters with government forces as his proof. He then demanded for the UP administration as his condition for holding a dialog. But the list is faulty

Grace Cantal, a former Sun.Star editor in Cagayan de Oro, said her daughter Myles Cantal Albasin is a political prisoner for three years now. She is alive, not dead. Lorenzana’s list included Rachel Mae Palang who studied Velez College, not UP. In a list posted online, Lorenzana included the late famous director Behn Cervantes who died of illness at his home; Alex Padilla who became a Customs commissioner during the time of Pres. Cory Aquino; and the head of Singapore’s Agence France Presse Roberto Coloma. Lorenzana also named journalist Roel Landingin, playwright Liza Magtoto, lawyers Raffy Aquino and Roan Libarios, and the president of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia Liza Dacanay

We can only ask where did the huge intel funds go? Or no matter how much intel funds you allocate, it obviously would not make stupid intel officers intelligent. Maybe richer.

More critics

There may be more critics of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte in UP along with the alumni compared to other schools. But there are also Duterte defenders among students, the faculty, and graduates like Spox Harry Roque. However, after Lorenzana’s move, UP defenders multiplied.

Many surmise that maybe the UP-DND abrogation aimed to divert the people’s attention from the vaccination controversy. Hmmm. I still do not know how to compute the so-called 300 percent discount. (Emmanuel Mongaya is the co-founder and director of strategic PR of PRWorks Inc. He is also a member of POLPhil or Political Officers League of the Philippines. Contact him @ anol_cebu in Twitter)