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Law to protect public from motorcycle-related crimes

SENATOR Richard J. Gordon has reiterated that the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Law will protect the public from crimes committed using motorcycles and will help secure the motorcycle owners and riders from being victimized and used by criminals for illegal and brutal acts.

In a press release to Cebu Business Week, Gordon, author of Republic Act No. 11235, pointed out that the number of people being killed by riding-in-tandem assassins in the Philippines continues to rise, hence, there is an urgent need for the implementation of the measure.

Based on the monitoring of his office, he said, there have been 147 victims of motorcycle-riding gunmen reported in the news from January 1 to December 31, 2020, while there have been eight (8) victims from January 1 to 16 of the current year.

“These assassins continue to terrorize the country and people are being murdered just like that even at this time of a pandemic. The continuous and unabated killings is increasingly alarming. Masyado nang talamak ang mga patayan,” said Gordon.

R.A. 11235 mandates the use of bigger, readable, and color-coded plates so that motorcycles used in crimes can be easily identified and the use of stolen number plates can be prevented, as well.

The old plate measures 200mm x 225mm, while the new plate measures 235mm in width and 135mm in height. 

The law also requires the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to maintain a registry of motorcycles to facilitate information retrieval for official investigation and law enforcement purposes.

Gordon is requesting the LTO to immediately set up the needed computers and implement the new number plates for motorcycles.

He presented a photo of the old plate alongside the new plate to show that the new one is not as big as how it is misleadingly described by some individuals.

On November 20, 2020, LTO chief Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante said in a letter addressed to the Senate President that their target for the full delivery of the 13-million backlogs in motorcycle plates is by May 2022.