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LTO 7 asks motorcycle owners: Claim plates now

DIRECTOR Victor Emmanuel Caindec of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) 7 has urged motorcycle owners in Central Visayas who registered their motorcycles from February to April of 2018 to claim their number plates now in SM Seaside City Cebu.

Caindec told Cebu Business Week that LTO 7 has officially started the motorcycle plate distribution last January 19, 2021.

A total of 18,879 motorcycle plates are ready for pickup in SM Seaside Seaview Wing at South Road Properties (SRP) where the distribution center is located.

However, Caindec said that getting motorcycle number plates would need an appointment and confirmation from their text line.

He said the printing of motorcycle plates was done in LTO Central Office in Manila. This means that whatever they receive in LTO 7 will be inventoried and distributed to the rightful claimants. 

The first batch of motorcycle plates was received by LTO 7 last December 2020. The agency urged all motorcycle owners who are listed in the first batch to set their appointment through 0947-349-9965.

Caindec said that details such as plate number and motor vehicle (MV) file number, date of the first registration, and name of the owner are needed for verification.

“Secure an appointment and a confirmation because we will not entertain you if you did not set an appointment thru our text line,” said RD Caindec.

Once the motorcycle owner received a confirmation from LTO 7, he or she should bring the photocopy of his/her official receipt; certificate of registration; and valid government ID.

“If a representative will pick it up, a notarized authorization letter should be presented, together with the photocopy of the government-issued ID of both the owner and the representative,” said RD Caindec

Likewise, all company-owned vehicles shall have a notarized special power of attorney, a secretary certificate, and a photocopy of the valid government-issued ID of the secretary and the authorized representative.

Releasing time will be from Monday to Friday, 2:00PM to 6:30PM.

“We would also like to inform the public that getting your motorcycle plates are for free, we do not charge anything.” PR/ ELIAS O. BAQUERO