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Samboan Council passes budget

THE Samboan Cebu Municipal Council has passed an appropriation ordinance enacted under Resolution No. 2020-112 providing appropriations for General Fund in the amount of P1,163,000.00 and for 20% Development Fund amounting to P1,950,000.00.

The local legislative body also passed Appropriation Ordinance No. 5-2020 enacted under Resolution No. 2020-114 providing appropriations by transferring funds from the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator to the Office of the Mayor in the amount of P24,222.19.

Appropriation Ordinance No. 7-2020 enacted under Resolution No. 2020-135 was also passed providing appropriations to General Fund amounting to P1,462,000.00.

462,000.00. The Municipal Council also passed Appropriation Ordinance No. 8-2020 enacted under Resolution No. 2020-148 appropriating P660,000 for General Fund.

Ordinance No. 8-2020- 6 enacted under Resolution No. 2020-128 was also passed amending Chapter V Article G Section 5G.01 of the 2007 Revised Revenue Code of The Municipality of Samboan, amending the tees imposed on vehicles/passenger bus, heavy equipment.

Resolution No. 2020-108 was passed approving the 4th Supplemental Investment Plan 2020 in the amount of P3,113,000.00. Resolution No. 2020-134 approved the 6th Supplemental Investment Plan of 2020 amounting to P1,462,000.00.

In San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu, Appropriation Ordinance No. 2020-28 enacted under Resolution No. 186-2020 was passed appropriating P299,000.00 for various projects.

Appropriation Ordinance No. 2020-29 enacted under Resolution No. 188- 2020 was also passed appropriating P1,110,000.00 for the granting of service recognition incentive (SRI) for municipal officials and employees of San Francisco LGU.

Appropriation Ordinance No. 2020-30 enacted under Resolution No. 189-2020 appropriating P1,410,000.00 for the granting of gratuity pay for contract of service and job order workers of San Francisco LGU. 170.

The Municipal Council also passed Ordinance No. 2020-179 enacted under Resolution No. 183-2020 creating a Special Account in General Fund (SAGF).

It also passed Ordinance No. 2020-180 enacted under Resolution No. 184-2020 declaring Public Utilities (PUs) and Other Local Economic Enterprises of San Francisco and for other purposes. ELIAS O. BAQUERO