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Register with SSS app, members urged

ALL members of the Social Security System (SSS) are urged to register with the SSS Mobile App so they can view their SSS account using cellular phone.

Keith Michael Sacay said that if a member of SSS will have this mobile app, they can access all information regarding their account anytime, anywhere.

Sacay said that a member of SSS may download the application from Google Play if their mobile phone is Android, and from App Store if the cellular phone is IPhone.

Once downloaded, Sacay said click the application to SSS Mobile App. But one of the requirements is that a member must have already registered with the SSS web. And should already have an ID and password.

“This SSS Mobile App is the most convenient in generating PRN to present to Bayad Center in paying contribution to SSS. By this, we can transact with SSS using our cellular phone without going to the office or lining up there,” Sacay said.

He said that we can also update our contact information through SSS Mobile App. We can also see our entire contributions’ breakdown. This means if a worker will see his account through mobile app, he will know if his employer has remitted all the contributions to SSS which were deducted from payroll and employer’s counterpart.

If the employer did not remit the contribution, the SSS will send the employer the demand letter otherwise he will be fined or imprisoned through a competent court.

If an employee was terminated from his job because of redundancy and after checking with the SSS mobile app he found out that there were some unremitted contributions, the employee can file a complaint with the SSS.

Meanwhile, if an employee will be separated from the job not of his own making, he can get a certification from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) so he can get “unemployment assistance” from SSS.

Sacay added that families of all people who have paid contributions to SSS will receive burial assistance.

“Even if a person has paid contribution and has stopped paying several years ago, he will receive burial assistance of a minimum of P20,000 and a maximum of P40,000 depending on the number of his contributions,” Sacay said. ELIAS O. BAQUERO