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Alarming Covid-19 situation

While the Cebu City leadership resolves what seems like a communication problem, the rise in the number of Covid-19 cases has become alarming.

As of February 6, 2021, Cebu City has posted the highest number of new cases of coronavirus infection of 1,345 new cases in 14 days nationwide. Within that same period, Davao City has only 1,050 new cases and Quezon City has 1,005 new cases.

On February 6, the active cases in Cebu City reached 2,000 with the additional 166 cases that day.

Cebu City has already experienced addressing surges in Covid-19 cases with the help of DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu.

However, there is a need for the Cebu City leaders to put their acts together.

This means Mayor Edgar Labella, Vice Mayor Mike Rama, and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) had to meet, perhaps online considering the health situation, as soon as possible.

Communication especially between Mayor Labella and Vice Mayor Rama is through separate press conferences. Media allied with either of them have begun antagonistic broadcasts.

While Mayor Labella urged the vice mayor to focus on work, he needs take the initiative in reducing the political noise. Managing the Covid-19 situation should become the priority. Yes, it is not the right time to bicker. But Cebuanos, even if it is just Rama at first, should know what is afflicting the mayor.

First, Cebu City should stop the recent surge and reduce the number of cases. Second, the leadership should seriously prepare its vaccination program in Cebu City.