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Rotary Club of Cebu East marks Charter Day

ROTARY Club of Cebu East president Heinz I. Ackerman said their 40th Charter Day celebration last month was a success although its charter president, Rep. Raul Del Mar passed away last year.

Ackerman said that anniversaries are a time of reckonings, a time to reflect the past and enjoy the present, and to think about the future.

Present during the RC Cebu East Charter Day celebration at Huna-Huna Beach Resort in Catmon, Cebu were Ackerman, Past President (PP) Alex Gaisano, PP Alastair Schurch, Past Assistant Governor (PAG) Elias O. Baquero, PAG Antonio Chua, PAG David Sharpe, PP Dr. Tony Y. Chua, PP Bebet Ferandos, PP Joselito Sulapas, PP Federico Peñaflorida III, PP Joop van Kessel and Rotarian Winston Pepito. Also present were Rotary Anns Eva Ackerman-Gerber, Joy Sharpe, Merly Schurch, Raquel van Kessel and Catherine Pepito, and Jane Alexis Gaisano, daughter of PP Gaisano.

Those who failed to attend were PP Wilbert Uykingtian, PP Gregory Curda, PP Derick Bulkley, PP Tom Mckinley, and Rotarians Richard Sharpe, Robert “Bobby” Nadela Plariza, Conrado Castro and Sten Trigve Olsen

Ackerman said that they all had a great time enjoying the beautiful Huna-Huna Resort and its surroundings of couple PP Schurch and Ann Merly. They and their staff served delicious food. The lechón was sponsored by Gaisano.

He said they enjoyed the speeches, conversations, dancing and singing. The song of the day was definitely “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King. The song is important because it marks the strong bond among RC Cebu East members.

Gaisano, a charter member and others reminisced on RC Cebu East’s glory and accomplishments in the past four decades.

RC Cebu East had sponsored three Rotary Community Corps. It used to have 40 to 50 members. It had Global Grant Projects, Grand fiestas with young families and more.

“Looking ahead we have to look in the mirror. What do we see? Depending on what we make out of it, we can list four action scenarios like: dissolution of member joining other clubs; merger with another club; keeping the status quo and waiting for better times; or reset, reenergize, and rejuvenate. As your proactive president, having accepted a second term, I shall continue to pursue possibilities. To productively spend my good will and energy, I need your full and unequivocal moral and contributory support,” Ackerman said.

He said that the delicate situation we are in now requires a lot of cooperation and communication. Fortunately, we have all possibilities at our disposal like small person to person meetings e.g. at Marco Polo Plaza, zoom meetings every Friday or chat via ielephone, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, Mail, etc.