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Prioritize vaccination!

Felix Taguiam, the president of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), said it well. Vaccination is crucial for the full recovery of the economy.

Even if businesses began to open, he said, sales are down. The public is hesitant to go out. Retail and trade are adversely affected.

Besides, doing business under the so-called new normal has become more expensive. A restaurant, for instance, can only accommodate a lesser number of customers considering the need for social distancing. There is the need to constantly test employees and quarantine those found positive, including their companions. And how much is the cost of regularly disinfecting the workplace?

However, our officials seem to always stupidly agonize about the need to balance health and the economy. The excuse for failure often comes down to confronting a new situation.

Unfortunately for our officials, their explanation makes them look so incompetent when compared to other forward-looking LGU executives like the young Vico Sotto of Pasig and Isko Moreno of Manila.

In Cebu City, we even have a mayor who insists on holding press conferences from home to show he is in control. But his bloated and darkened appearance only elicits more doubts about his condition. On the other hand, the antics of the vice mayor hardly earned him wide support and public confidence.

It seems 2022 considerations are more important for both Mayor Edgar Labella and Vice Mayor Mike Rama.

Gov. Gwen Garcia, meanwhile, insists on prioritizing the economy. She belittles the alarming Covid-19 statistics in the island, the importance of Covid-19 tests, and the need to hasten the vaccination process.

With Gov. Garcia lording it over Cebu province with no serious dissenting voices, it would be quite a challenge confronting her about her controversial views.

Nevertheless, it rests on the citizenry, along with the business and medical community, to insists on the need to prioritize vaccination.