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Carbon vendors welcome Megawide: coop leader

COOP Leader Shirley Retuya Cardinez of CVCCO Multipurpose Cooperative said that most vendors inside and outside Carbon Public Market welcome the coming redevelopment of the area by Megawide Construction Corporation.

Cardinez said that CVCCO MPC has waited for this modernization for a long time since the second unit of Carbon Public Market was burned down about 21 years ago.

The vendors at the meat section of Carbon Public Market suffered due to lack of customers, and they dreamed of a new market building. “In behalf of our coop (CVCCO MPC), we have no complaints against Megawide.

We welcome Megawide which was given a contract by the Cebu City Government to redevelop the area. We also believe that Megawide can control if not eradicate criminal activities in the area,” Cardinez said.

Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella has signed the contract between Cebu City Government and Megawide to modernize the area. At present, Carbon Public Market is also a haven of criminalities like snatchers, murderers, robbers and several bad elements.

In the meat section, Cardinez said it has been inhabited by both rats and cats.

Louie Ferrer of Megawide said that when they inspected the area at one time, they saw some vendors eating their lunch while the rats and cats are passing at them again and again.

“Morag barkada na and mga ilaga ug mga iring diha sa Carbon Public Market,” Cardinez said.

Ferrer said that while the development will start at Freedom Park which is across University of San Jose-Recoletos down to the old Compania Maritima building, they will just construct the Carbon Public Market building and maintain it, while the market authority of the City Government will manage it.

Ferrer promised that there will be no increase in stall rentals in the market building for three years, except if there is high inflation rate.

Cardinez admitted for about two years, Megawide officials met with vendors from two cooperatives and four non-government organizations (NGOs). ELIAS O. BAQUERO