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Pres. Sergio Osmeña’s appointees in Bukidnon

Don Sergio Suico Osmeña Sr. is the only Cebuano who became the Liberator President and rebuilt the country by appointing officials to govern the local government units after World War 2.

These were his appointees in Bukidnon (now part of Northern Mindanao):

Dr. Carlos Fortich. Designated Acting Provincial Governor of Bukidnon, July 23, 1945. Pedro Elizalde, appointed, ad interim, Provincial Treasurer of Bukidnon, August 7, 1945.

Pedro Bernal Elizalde was born on January 17, 1890 in San Jose, Antique. He was the youngest Provincial Treasurer appointed at that time at the age of 21. He was assigned to different provinces such as Antique, Albay, Palawan, Negros and Cebu.

Elizalde was appointed by President Elpidio Quirino as Cebu City Mayor from August 18, 1951 to July 23, 1952. It was Serging V. Osmena, the Governor of Cebu at that that recommended him to the post. Pedro was the Provincial Treasurer at that time.

Vicente Neri San Jose was appointed Acting Governor of Bukidnon, December 1, 1945.

Alfredo R. Esplanada was appointed Acting Member of the Provincial Board of Bukidnon, December 1, 1945. 

Aniceto Dorado was appointed, ad interim, Justice of the Peace of Impasugong, Sumilao, Maramag, Kabawi, and Pangantokan, Bukidnon, February 5, 1946.

Jesus Murillo was appointed, ad interim, Justice of the Peace of Malaybalay, Bukidnon, February 6, 1946.

Rosito Minister was appointed Acting Mayor of Talakag, Bukidnon, April 5, 1946.

Braulio Yagahan was appointed Acting Mayor of Impasugong, Bukidnon, April 5, 1946.


The Cebuano Musical Legend, Wenceslao Zubiri, more known as Ben Zubiri and had a radio name as Iyo Karpo was the son of Jesus Zubiri who hailed from Bukidnon. However, Ben Zubiri grew up in Cebu City with his mother, Sergia Dacayana of San Nicolas District, Cebu City.

Ben Zubiri composed the immortal songs among others: Mutid Nila, Pasayawa ko Day and Sa Lungsod sa Buevanista.

Majority of the appointees of Osmena and those who served the people of Bukidnon traces its roots to Cebu. Even up to now, more than half of the local officials not only of Bukidnon but of the entire Mindanao island their forefathers came from Cebu.

Aside from Bukidnon, President Sergio Suico Osmena Sr. appointed the following in the province of Samar:

Eladio Balite, appointed Acting Mayor, and Agustin Pomdemira, Acting Vice Mayor of Bobon, Samar, October 5, 1945.

Valentin Tenedero, Miguel Torres, Ruperto Telegrafo, Feliciano Paredes, Domingo Agasang, and Franciso Gamay, appointed Acting Councilors of Bobon, Samar, October 5, 1945.

Fortunato R. Abella, appointed Acting Mayor, and Teodulfo Paliso, Acting Vice Mayor of Borongan, Samar, October 6, 1945.

Fortunato Baldo, Claro Abelgas, Antonio Arago, Urdaneta Capito, Generoso Caratay, and Eugenio Daza, appointed Acting Councilors of Borongan, Samar October 6, 1945.

Fructuoso Lentejas, appointed Acting Mayor, and Esteban Tan, Acting Vice Mayor of Tinambacan, Samar, October 5, 1945.

Lorenzo Daguman, Felix Bracamonte, Magno Sapinit, and Gorgonia Ravena, appointed Acting Councilors of Tinambacan, Samar, October 5, 1945.

Simon Tan, appointed Acting Mayor, and Antonio Muncada, Acting Vice Mayor of Laoang, Samar, October 5, 1945.

Hilario D. Dulay, Romulo Giray, Candido Baluyot, Jose Balerite, Juvencio I. Muncada, and Guillermo Sarmiento, appointed Acting Councilors of Laoang, Samar, October 5, 1945.

Pedro Rebaulla, appointed Acting Mayor, and Homobono Jolijoli, Acting Vice Mayor of Catubig, Samar, October 5, 1945.