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Fearsome Covid-19 at nigh

Many accepted that imposing curfew and forcing people to go home early at night would prevent Covid-19 from spreading. However, people go out during the day. Is the Covid-19 virus less infectious when the sun rises?

The imposition of curfews makes people accept as truth that the corona virus becomes more infectious at night. Perhaps, our health experts should explain the science behind the imposition of curfews.

Our health experts should explain why health protocols like wearing masks and face shields, frequent hand washing, and social distancing are not enough past 9 pm or 10 pm? However, the situation changes again at 6 am.

As one Netizen asked: “Unsa man kining virus, nightshift?”

Come to think of it, provided people strictly observe health protocols, why cannot they stay late and socialize inside restaurants and bars. They can even stay until morning. Of course, these people will sleep during the day.

Minus the curfews, the economy can stay alive 24/7.

It is ironic. The country has imposed the harshest and longest lockdown to combat Covid-19 that knocked down the economy. Now, we want to continue relaxing the lockdowns and open the economy amid a spike in the number of cases nationwide.

The Department of Health, as of 4 pm on March 21, 2021, counted 7,757 more additional Covid-19 cases. The other day, the total of new cases reached 7,999.

Instead of using the police for imposing curfews, how about refocusing government priority on increasing our supply of vaccines to be able to achieve herd immunity faster?

A recent simulation of the vaccination process, of course an amusing show of the supposed unity of Cebu City Mayor Edgar Labella and Vice Mayor Mike Rama, fell flat without clear information on the purchase and arrival of vaccines for Cebuanos.

Perhaps, with vaccination still a long way off, our officials could just do away with curfews and stimulate our economy 24/7?