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Business in limbo as consumers show no confidence: businessman

BUSINESSMAN Rey E. Calooy said the business sector is still in wait-and-see stance while the consumers still have no confidence because of Covid-19 resulting to the collapse of the economy.

Calooy, president of the Filipino-Cebuano Business Club (FilCeb), said that for the last two weeks, quarantine and travel restrictions were lifted. But the spread of Covid-19 increased especially in Metro Manila which has almost 70 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In the United States, Americans reopened their economy but the vaccination is fast. In the Philippines, the economy was reopened but the vaccination is slow.

In the Philippines, President Rodrido Duterte wants about 75 million people or haft of the Filipino population to be vaccinated. That is only for the vaccine and does not include the logistical effort.

The problem now is that Cebu is a tail of Manila in terms of economy, and if Manila’s economy will be crippled, the entire country will be affected because the heads of offices, the decision makers are there.

He said there is a lot of destruction to the economy. There are more people who died of heart attack than Covid-19. The comparative data from 2019 to 2020 showed that the number of people who died of heart attack caused by the Covid-19.problem had increased.

“The people who are suffering from heart problem cannot anymore consult doctors because they cannot travel, and their doctors are either attending to Covid-19 patients or they themselves were affected and are not available. This means that the maintenance medicines and the regular check up were halted,” Calooy said.

Calooy added that because of Covid-19, our resources were diverted and we are facing scarce logistics. How many medical experts, medical personnel who are focused on Covid-19 and the other diseases are left behind which caused more fatalities?

He said that the vaccines given to the Philippines by China are also called “vaccine diplomacy” because this is one way of how to influence Asian countries and other countries.

He also said the vaccine diplomacy has become “vaccine politics” because several politicians went to Malacañang and asked for vaccine. ELIAS O. BAQUERO