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Infected with Covid-19

The itch in the throat and dry cough would not stop early that morning. I felt a dull headache. But I was never sure because I had no fever. I was able to bring my check to the bank for encashment.

Still, I just wanted to go home and sleep that afternoon. By this time, I resigned myself to being a Covid-19 suspect until a doctor friend of my son took a swab test and confirmed I had Covid-19.

I thanked my family for immediate crisis management. The next day, I had to relocate myself to what used to be the compound’s maid’s quarters for easier supervision. I thank friends and relatives for the medicines, the vitamins, the encouraging words.

Still, we worry also because two household members had cough.

While apprehensive of the second week of isolation, I am thankful of the mild Covid-19 I have. Still, there is a need to manage my health, the taking of medicines considering that I have a heath condition, and monitoring of my oximeter.

Nonetheless the isolation granted me much time for myself – meditation and sleep. Of course, writing and Netflix.

Though I prefer the relative privacy of home isolation, my brother Nonoy wanted me to comply with minimum protocols like coordinating with the barangay command center.

They promised a contact tracer will visit me. Though it has been days, I have not seen any contract tracer yet. Perhaps, this is just a lapse in the system.


After reading and watching videos about what is wrong in the country’s Covid-19 response, such a minor time lag became a minor laughing matter.

For instance, some bright boys in Cebu thought of sending young health workers to Manila. This was Cebu’s response to a crisis. However, I did not sense the urgency judging from the formal program of a send-off. It sounded like a much-delayed graduation program.

Somebody had a twisted sense of public relations at the expense of the sick.

(Emmanuel N. Mongaya is co-founder and director for strategic communications of PRWorks Inc.)