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Second Bike Thru Experience

On April 17, 2021, the Sugbo Bike Lanes conducted another Bike Thru Experience with Councilors Jerry Guardo, the Chairman of the City Council’s Committee on Public Works, and Councilor Dondon Honteviros, chairman of the Council’s Committee on Sports and members of the Sugbo Bike Lanes Commission.

The activity started at the City Hall grounds passing through Magallanes St., then proceeding to the New Cebu City Medical Center and passing N. Bacalso Avenue and then going to Labangon, Tisa, F. Llamas St., turning left to to N. Bacalso veered left Vestil St. towards SRP and pedalled down at the SRP Seaview lane, the home of Sugbo Bikers.

With the councilors and commission members are 30 trainees of the Sugbo Bike Patrol who shall be manning the newly established bike lanes in the City once they are hired. The City of Cebu thru the Sugbo Bike Lanes Board will be engaging services of sixty personnel who shall be trained to become the bike lanes patrol. They shall monitor the city bike lanes and implement the national laws and city ordinances relating to the establishment of bike lanes and traffic laws.

Traversing the lanes, we noticed significant changes in the behavior if our commuters and motorists. Bikers started to use the lanes and the vehicles giving way to the users of the lane although pedestrians also utilize the lane think that these are extensions of the sidewalk as it safe with the bollards on. However, in areas in F Llamas and Katipunan were carenderias, siomai stands and sari-sari stores, taxi cabs and vehicles continued to park.

But again, our bikers and motorist alike should be reminded that that the following are considered as prohibited acts in the lanes in accordance with Section 8 of the City Ordinance No. 2408, to wit: a) No person shall create obstructions along the Sugbo Bike lanes such as but not limited to, sidewalk vending, dumping of construction materials and loading and unloading of goods and unfinished construction work except in emergency cases or situations. b) No person operating a motor vehicle shall drive less than three (3) feet away from the biker/ cyclist while in Sugbo Bike lanes except to park when parking is allowed or to enter or leave the sad lane or prepare for a road turn; c) No biker shall bike under the influence of alcohol and prohibited substances; d) No person operating a bicycle on a highway shall ride on a bike other than permanent and regular seat; e) No person shall operate a bike on a roadway unless he or she is equipped with proper brakes, lights, reflector and safety gear; f) No biker shall cling to another vehicle while driving; and g) No biker shall do any exhibition and stunts on the Sugbo Bike Lanes, such as riding on the handlebars and “step nut” riding and the likes.

Ordinance 2408 likewise provides penalties for those who shall violate the prohibitions, to wit: a) For failure to provide bike racks/parking facilities as required under Section 6 hereof: For establishments operating for business and for establishment operating not for business: A fine of ONE THOUSAND PESOS (P1,000.00) for the first offense. A fine of three (P3000) for the second offense. A fine of five thousand (P5000) for the third offense. b) for commission of any of the prohibited acts under section 8 hereof: A fine of five hundred pesos (P500.00) for the first offense. A fine of One thousand five hundred (P1500) for the second offense.

As we drive through the lanes, we conform to what is stipulated in our statutes – _*”Those who have less in wheels must have more in the road.”*