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Dar lauds Bohol’s agri direction

Department of Agriculture (DA) Sec. William Dar lauded the agriculture initiatives of the Province of Bohol as he capped his two-day visit to this island province.

Gov. Arthur Yap met Dar at the Provincial Capitol on Friday morning, where was briefed by way of a presentation about Bohol’s programs on crops, livestock, poultry and fisheries, which are all aligned with the DA’s 18 key strategies, centering on the agriculture sector’s efforts in consolidation, modernization, industrialization, and professionalization.

Dar told Yap that he is impressed with the direction of the agriculture programs of the provincial government and cited Bohol’s effort to focus on areas where it has a competitive advantage especially in the agriculture sector.

Yap has an extensive background in agriculture as he was a former agriculture secretary, which was why he was able to work on filling the gaps in the value chain to boost the profitability of agricultural products.

Based on Yap’s presentation to Dar, rice, corn, and root crops were identified as key commodities, which will be the focus of Bohol’s food security program. For this reason, Bohol is investing in these commodities to improve production and ensure the province’s competitive advantage in the agriculture sector.

Furthermore, these identified commodities are going to be the backbone of a robust feeds industry in the province, the governor said. 

Impressed by the directions and programs of Bohol, Dar agreed on the spot, to designate Bohol as the second province to implement the Province-led Agri-Fishery Extension System Program (PAFES), which is initiated by the DA.

“It is clear that the Provincial Government of Bohol knows what it needs to strengthen regarding weaknesses in the production and sales cycle of commodities so they have already done the first key critical step: evaluating their needs and citing the gaps which they will need to work on.” Dar emphasized.

“I am asking Gov. Yap to furnish us copies of Bohol’s presentation so we can ask other stakeholders to analyze and prepare their work programs along the same lines, harmonized with the DA’s 18 key strategies. This will make analysis and funding of programs more justifiable. “Dar continued.

For his part, Yap thanked Dar for taking the time to visit Bohol and share his valuable insights on the province’s agricultural directions moving forward.