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Kusug party relaunched: Raymond

CEBU City Councilor Raymond Alvin Garcia said that they had recently re-launched Partido Kusug which is still registered with the Commission on Election (COMELEC) and can put up candidates from mayor down to the last councilor.

However, Garcia, who is a lawyer and the majority floor leader in the Cebu City Council, said that Partido Kusug of former Mayor Alvin Garcia, Partido Panaghiusa of Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) Chairman Joey Daluz and Partido Barug of Vice Mayor Michael Rama will coalesce with each other and make a strong political alliance.

“We invited all our old members in Partido Kusug, and they showed up during the launching to express their support.” “I was happy about it.

It really sent me back down memory lane. It was a nostalgic event because I was a young child when my father launched Partido Kusug. And I saw a lot of my father’s supporters there. We were able to successfully relaunch it,” Garcia said.

He said their organization has leaders from the grassroot level, down to the barangays. They have old leaders who are still reliable especially that the May 2022 election is important as we elect a new Philippine president.

“This coming election will determine not only the welfare of Cebu City but the entire Philippines. The next President that we should vote and Cebu City officials that we should choose should be those who are dedicated public servants,” Garcia said.

He added that Partido Kusug was maintained in COMELEC records because he submitted list of officers on a yearly basis. It is like a corporation submitting to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a general information sheet updating new members, new set of officers.

“I have been very consistent in submitting records to the COMELEC every year,” Garcia said.

Pursuant to the law, all political parties can organize down to the sitio level. They can issue a certificate of appointment to respective nomination and appointment, and the respective candidates that the party will endorse. ELIAS O. BAQUERO