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Bike-Friendly Cebu City

AS MORE people are turning to cycling for work, travel or exercise, the Sugbo Bike Lanes Board (SBLB) aims for a “Bike-Friendly Cebu City through the establishment of bike lanes.

Cebu City Councilor James Cuenco, head of the Cebu City Transportation Committee, said that the SBLB also encourages cyclists to help the Cebu City Government achieve this objective by wearing safety gears and equipment while on the road.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has prescribed a list of Safety Gears and Equipment such as: Properly fitted helmet; Breathable face mask; Bright clothing or reflectorized vest; and Lamps and reflectors during night time and low-light riding conditions.

In addition, the DOTr also recommended the use of shatter-resistant protective eyewear, bicycling gloves, and closed shoes. 

Cuenco hopes that cyclists follow the safety gears and equipment prescribed by DOTr to avoid or at least minimize road accidents and truly make Cebu City bike-friendly.”

In another development, the Cebu City Transportation Committee and Cebu City Jeepmey Task Force headed by Cuenco recently held a Coordination Meeting to address the non-compliance of the Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) Protocols bt some drivers abd operators.

The coordination meeting was attended by IATF-EOC head Councilor Joel Garganera, Paul Gotiong of the Cebu City Transportation Office, Pearl Gutierez of the Land Transportation Office Region VII (LTO-7-) Eugenio Ibo, Jr. and Victor Cosep of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board VII (LTFRB-7), Atty. Kristine Joyce Batucan and Atty. Maria Luisa Badayos of Cebu City Legal Office, and several PUV Cooperatives and companies.

PUV operators and law enforcement agencies were able to come up with ”Passenger Safety Capacity” on all PUVs.

The public will soon be informed on the implementation of the unified PUV protocols, the primary purpose of which is safety in this time of pandemic.