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Former student activists back Leni

VETERANS of the Parliament of the Streets during the protests leading to Edsa 1 have united to convince Vice President Leni Robredo to run for president.

“Another six years of mishandled governance will not only plunge our economy to the gutter of bankruptcy. It will also tear down all forms of decency and normalcy in our government and society,” said the group named “LENI Tanging Pag-asa 2022.”

The group said they will use their collective experience in the field of electoral politics, parliament of the streets, and development work to unite of development-oriented people and the different democratic political forces into a coalition.

It would mobilize resources independently to do this,” said Leonardo Villarin. Noel Medina, a prime mover of the 1980s youth group Kadena, the group is composed of former youth activists from different generations since the 70s.