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Strong winds cause power interruptions: VECO

THE Visayan Electric Company (Visayan Electric) explained that strong winds cause power interruptions because lines and other equipment are overhead, thereby subjecting them to rains, heat and wind. This meant that they are susceptible to damage anytime.

Quennie Bronce, reputation enhancement manager of Visayan Electric, said the company had issued several power interruption advisories to its consumers since the start of the wet season in the country.

The Visayan Electric franchise covers Liloan to San Fernando, Cebu.

Meanwhile, lockdowns in 2020 affected consumer demand, according to the power company.

In 2021, the demand reached 510 megawatts (MW) in March, 502 MW in April, 525 MW in May, and 518 MW in June. This is in comparison to 2020, where demand was at 554 MW in March, 395 MW in April, 421 MW in May and 464 MW in June.

Bronce said 2020’s demand was driven only by residential customers since commercial and industrial sectors were closed and people were mostly at home.

Demand in 2021 was still low compared to 2019, where 518 MW was recorded in March 2019, 539 MW in April, 563 MW in May and 576 MW in June.

She said while 2021 is comparatively lower than 2019, demand is slowly picking up as commercial establishments are starting to open. SUNSTAR CEBU