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Think of recreating the Filipino nation: Gibo

Former Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro has presented a personal video and urged the young Filipinos to see for themselves what happened to the Philippines in the past especially in the last two years.

“Everything changed in the world in the past two years. The private companies and other countries quickly adjusted to the situation because of the pandemic, despite that they also suffered,” Teodoro said.

Teodoro believed that in the future, everyone, especially the young people, must think of recreating the Filipino nation.

“We must create a new Philippines. The past cannot happen again, otherwise, the system we experienced in the past 30 to 40 years will continue and we cannot grow, and cannot develop, and cannot react immediately to the health pandemic. Our environment is not anymore suitable for a big number of people. The human resource cannot anymore be used,” Teodoro said.

He suggested that we should get the opinion of the young people and what their wishes and ambition for the future are.

“This must start now because this is a long-time process. Political and historical developments may change. One example is the need to create new regions or clusters where the municipalities and component cities will lead the development, and they will be the center ot hub of services for the other communities. And then we devolve power and resources to those metropolitan areas to be sub-regions with matching good infrastructures,” Teodoro said.

For several times, he said that the second runway of Mactan-Cebu International Airport must be quickly built to accommodate bigger aircrafts and avoid congestion.

Teodoro said that what is most important is the opinion of all people, especially the young generation. Why create a political thing without the opinion of the dreams and vision of the young people?

“So, we must have a new Philippines for the new generation,” Teodoro said. ELIAS O. BAQUERO