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Renewable energy in place: Bontuyan

THE Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) said the renewable energy in the country is already in place, in fact, President Rodrigo Duterte has stopped giving feed-in tariff to solar power because there are enough investors for it.

ERC Visayas Director Atty. Joel Bontuyan said that there are several kinds of renewable energy like solar, wind power, hydro, bio-diesel, and geothermal.

Bontuyan said that because solar has several investors already, they are now trying to lure investors into engaging in other technologies like wind and hydro. 

“These renewable energy sources must have specific locations because not all areas are suitable for each of them. For wind, for example, it is not sustainable in some areas because of strong winds that can destroy turbines,” Bontuyan said.

At present, the windmills in the country are in Ilocos Norte and Guimaras.

“There are areas in Cebu that are suitable for hydro power. We can put mini hydro in Mantalongon Falls in Dalaguete, Kawasan Falls, Mantayupan Falls in Barili, and mini dams in several areas,” Bontuyan said.

He said the Department of Energy (DOE) is promoting run off river hydro, using small turbines placed in running water in rivers to generate power. Ginagmay pero kon matigom can supply power in communities.

He said that in the Philippines, there are ten months with rains and only two months summer. In Mindanao, the people experienced electricity shortage only during summer.

Several investors have applied to National Renewable Energy Board for feed-in tariff but Bontuyan said the ERC is still setting aside Ocean technology because it is not yet successful even in advance countries.

In thermal, it uses thermo dynamic, tubig sa ibabaw mas init, ug ang tubig sa ilawom mas bugnaw. In temperature interchange, sometimes it can cause the flow of water.

“But as I said, Ocean is a new technology, and we are still waiting it to be matured,” Bontuyan said. ELIAS O. BAQUERO