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Stay at home, Rama urges Cebuanos

CEBU City Acting Mayor Michael “Mike” Rama has encouraged the constituents to stay at home or even work from home, if possible, to prevent any transmission of Covid-19 Delta Variant.

Rama who is acting chief executive from September 2-7, 2021, said that Cebu City is not ready for any total lockdown because several businesses will close and eventually the people will suffer.

Even in a press conference last August 11 and until at present, Rama repeatedly said that we have had enough of lockdowns.

“We don’t want any lockdown because we will surely end up being knocked down. Has the national government any money to give financial assistance to the Cebu City residents if there is no more economic activity? That’s why we should do a hybrid approach. We will start at the people’s residence. Stay at home. Puyo kon walay tuyo sa gawas,” Rama said.

In an interview with DYRC radio, Rama said they are now balancing the response against Covid-19 and the implementation of programs that could rebound the economy which is now shrinking because of the health pandemic.

“We want to solve this Covid-19 crisis, but we are also bound to help the people who are financially suffering because thousands lost their jobs and several micro, small and medium enterprises are closing,” Rama said.

Earlier, Philip N. Tan, management represented to the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) said that the Philippines is a consumer-based country, hence, if the people have no income, they have no money to buy food for consumption.

On the other hand, the acting mayor admitted that the Cebu City council has approved the allocation of about P100 million for stimulus packages for economic survival of the people.

“We are now only establishing vaccination centers and supervising the vaccination activities, but we are also looking for ways on how to help the people economically survive in this pandemic time,” Rama said. ELIAS O. BAQUERO