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SERVANT leader Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon said he will run for president in the May 9, 2022, election once his wife, former Rep. Kate Gordon, will allow him.

In an interview with Yagyagan program over DYRC Aksyon Radyo Cebu hosted by Broadcaster Elias O. Baquero, Gordon said he is not afraid of any political opponents because his integrity, reliability and honesty in public service has already been established.

Gordon, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, said he is not worried to be late in declaring his desire to run for the highest elective position in the land. Several politicians have already announced that they will run for president, but they failed to tell the public what they want to do.

Gordon said that when he was the Department of Tourism (DOT) secretary, he installed the statue of Cebu hero Lapu-Lapu in Luneta, Manila City that made the Cebuanos proud of.

He added that he agreed with Law Professor Josephus Birondo Jimenez in saying that the next president must be a person with brilliance, experience, integrity, leadership, courage and one who is not afraid of any influential person who asks favors to the detriment of the interest of the Filipino people, and finally should be compassionate.

“I think I possessed all these qualities. We are practicing compassion and courage at Philippine Red Cross of which I chaired,” Gordon said.

The senator said that as PRC chair and as a public servant, he visited areas where disasters happened. He went to Mt. Pinatubo while it was still erupting. He went to areas where people suffered from floods, fires, typhoons, earthquakes, and landslides. He went to war-torn Mindanao areas, and even rescued hostages after he was able to negotiate with the Abu Sayaff. 

“Gordon’s brilliance, pro-people stand, and back-to-back service to the people whether in public and private capacity cannot be discounted by Filipino citizens who wish for a better Philippines,” Jimenez said in his reaction to the interview.

Gordon said his political party is Bagumbayan which means a new society for the greater good of the greater majority.

He said he has all the advantages among the presidential wannabes because of his long experience and understanding in serving the people with dedication in his public and private capacity.

Gordon added that if the two million Philippine Red Cross (PNR) staff and volunteers nationwide will campaign and support him in his quest for the presidency, millions of votes are already in the bag including their relatives and friends which may translate to not less than 10 million votes.

He said that the Commission on Election (Comelec) announced that of the more than 65 million registered voters, about 45 million are young Filipinos aged 18 to 40 years old.

“These young Filipinos should find the next president with qualities mentioned by Jimenez especially that they are mostly the ones who will pay the 11.7 trillion foreign and domestic debt under the present administration. A president can lead the country in all aspects, including providing solutions to health pandemic, bringing back the economy to the pre-Covid time, establishing good foreign affairs, strong military and police, among others,” Gordon said.

“He is the best Trojan Horse for president amid health pandemic and shrinking economy,” said one of DYRC’s listeners.

On the other hand, Gordon said opposition parties have never been united ever since. It was easy to unite before because there were only two parties. But, since we have a presidential form of government, there are several political parties.

He said the best government is parliamentary system where congressmen or people’s representatives will vote for president. If a party is the majority, it will have the presidency.

A presidential system must have only two-party system.

“If I win as president, I will immediately amend the Constitution, and I will lay down my platform in the Constitution so the people will know what provisions will be changed. I will not be a hypocrite and we must change the Constitution for the best interest of the country,” Gordon said.