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New city soon to rise within Mandaue City

MANDAUE City will soon transform into a world-class city in the future with the Global City Mandaue project, which is a master-planned reclamation with a land area spanning 101 hectares along the Mactan Channel. Sheila Romero, chairperson and chief executive officer of Global City Mandaue, said that the project will be reclaimed this year which will be located 2.7 kilometers across the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Romero thanked her husband, Deputy House Speaker Mikee Romero, and Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes for trusting her to be the shepherd of their vision in building this master-planned city for the people of Mandaue, Cebu Province, and the world. Global City Mandaue will comprise three districts: the civic district: the commercial district and the waterfront luxury district.

“Mandauehanons will witness endless possibilities of progress within Global City Mandaue,” Romero said adding, “my team and I promise to endeavor to bring your vision of making this new City of Mandaue a premier landmark destination into a reality.”

It was in 2012 when the seeds of this partnership of Global City Mandaue Corporation and the City of Mandaue were first planted as Romero commends her husband whose unparalleled vision on business and whose guidance as her life-partner has proven to be invaluable.

She further said that Global City Mandaue honors the heritage of Mandaue City through the symbolic “Bantayan sa Hari” or the watchtower, which symbolizes the transformation from the old city to the new.

“As the new development is envisioned to be the bridge to a new tomorrow by the coalescence of the past and the future,” she said. Cortes said that this project will help the city become more attractive to locators bringing in more investments and jobs, which in turn, will help improve the local economy and quality of life.

The Global City Mandaue Corporation, a Filipino-owned and controlled real estate development corporation, aims to build this world-class waterfront city with an initial project cost of P20 billion. This is a Joint Venture Partnership with the Mandaue City Local Government and sanctioned by the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA). FREEMAN