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The election tale

The people have spoken and it is time for us to move on and leave politics behind and work for the betterment of this country.

With Bongbong Marcos leading at 31,103,711 as against Leni Robredo at 14,821,870 with Sara Duterte leading at 31,561,196 as against Kiko Pangilinan at 9,232,850 as of the present canvassing time with only 4% remaining uncanvassed, it is clear that the people have spoken and supported the tandem of Marcos and Sara.

In the City of Cebu, people voted to end Tommy Osmena dominance in the city politics. With Barug Team crushing BOPK to a near annihilation of 7-1 in the south and 5-3 in the north with the Mayor and Vice Mayor leading a huge margin it could only mean that the Cebuanos are exhausted with the Osmena antics. The once taunted Osmena magic once enjoyed by Serging and later Tommy has vaporized into thin air and it seems magic has waned and their popularity vanished.

It could be possible that the vindictive attitude of Tommy Osmena has affected the campaign of the entire BOPK. During the time that he won as Mayor in 2016, Tommy first order of business was to file charges against the barangay captains not allied with him. Margot initially filed cases for carnapping which were eventually thrown out of the court. Later Tommy himself filed various cases against those allied with Mike Rama. He runs after the sale of SRP to SM and AYALA and asks the court to nullify the same. However, he did not have much luck as the court eventually dismissed all his cases. He reopened the Inayawan dumpsite which created a sticking and fetid disgusting smell spreading SM malls up to UC school of Maritime. Placed investors at bay in pouring the needing capital just to stall any development for those who bought during the Rama administration. His bully and vindictive attitude even reached its heights when he pulled out the tiles and toilet bowls of his office located at City Hall claiming that it was his personal expense deprive the late Edgar Labella of the use of the Mayor’s office as he strip it naked literally. Mao nang naningil ang mga tawo asa na ang inudoro.

Unlike Rama, after the fervor of the electoral atmosphere decimated, he invited all his adversaries to join him in evolving the city into an advanced one second to none and participating in the progressive and participative governance. After all, this is not just Osmena’s or Rama’s City, this is our City, and our individual opinion matters.

Leni’s campaign suffered the same waterloo. People are exhausted of a hate campaign. Pooped of the blaming. Leni anchored much on anti-marcos sentiment to deodorize her platform of governance. Instead of focusing on her campaign her minions quarreled with the Pro-Marcos and Dutertes sympathizers and at most created heated discord in social media and other media flatforms.

Now that the people have spoken. 31 million voices have aired their individual and collective voice favoring the son of the former dictator, advancing and deodorizing their platform of governance. In the same breath, Leni’s campaign suffered a humiliating debacle.

Now that the election fever has receded, it is time for us to heed onward and unite. Let us work together and concentrate our efforts for the good of the City and for our Country. After all we only live to make our lives better not just for this time but likewise for the future generation. Write us at