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Full completion of Cebu City connector roads and bridges by Jan. 15

CEBU City Councilor Jerry Guardo said that all the three connector roads and bridges from South Road Properties (SRP) to Barangays Mambaling, Basak-San Nicolas and Inayawan in Cebu City will be fully completed before the Sinulog Grand Parade on January 15, 2023. Guardo, chairman of the Committee on Infrastructure, said that at present, there is only one road from SRP to Mambaling up to Basak-San Nicolas and Punta Princesa in Cebu City. It is the Vestil Street.

The three connector bridges are passable by vehicles where people traveling to and from SRP can save time, money and effort due to short cuts and less traffic. “So, people from Inayawan, Basak-San Nicolas and inner Mambaling have to pass Vestil Street in going to SRP by using their respective connector roads and bridges,” Guard said.

He said that based on their study, it will become permanent access roads. But for the meantime, the structures are still temporary to be used for the Sinulog Grand Parade. Guardo, chairman of the city’s Infrastructure Committee, said that they are working double time to asphalt the back road of SRP which will be part of the Sinulog parade.

He cited the road near SM Seaside to the area identified as Bagsakan for agricultural products as among the focus of asphalting because it is the entrance and exit route towards the Sinulog grandstand. He said that the main route is at the Cebu South Road in front of SM Seaside and along Nustar, El Curso, among others.

But the city has a diversion road where vehicles can be rerouted. “We have to make sure that all roads in SRP are asphalted for their convenience. Although rains always occur that hampered the asphalting project, we started it last New Year’s Day and we are working even on Saturdays and Sundays so that all roads will be completely asphalted before January 15,” Guardo said.